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Thank you for visiting Canton Law Group, real estate litigation lawyers offering skilled representation in matters involving civil disputes. From a downtown office in San Diego, CA, our civil litigation law firm provides strategic legal guidance to individuals and companies faced with a business and/or property-related dispute in California.  Our law office counsels real-property portfolio managers, companies, brokers and individuals in the areas of trust & probate litigation, business and investment disputes, breach of lease, partitions, real estate & construction defect, personal injury and laws pertaining to leasing & licensing of property.  As seasoned litigators, we aggressively advocate for our clients in Superior Court and at the Court of Appeal, protecting and prosecuting their rights at law using prevailing legal strategies.    We emphasize diligence and personal attention at all stages of litigation and we use critical negotiation skills to engage mediation & arbitration cases.  When a company and/or individual person is suddenly faced with a legal matter involving real property, obtaining reliable, professional and competent legal representation is extremely important. We are here to help.

  • Experienced Litigators

    Court Trials, Law and Motion, Mediation, Arbitration, Depositions, Complex Discovery

  • Appellate Court

    Writs of Mandate, Petitions, Responses, Representation at the Court of Appeal

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Canton Law Group represents both petitioners and respondents in the Court of Appeal.

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Practice Areas

  • Real Estate Law

    Construction defects, leasing, licensing, landlord-tenant, premises liability, personal injury.

  • Breach of Contract

    Failure to perform, without legal excuse, standards in the industry, modification, warranty.

  • Construction Defect

    Dangerous conditions, poor workmanship, negligence, breach of warranty, electrical, roof, pipes, structural failure.

  • Personal Injury

    Strict liability, negligence, product defect, serious injury claim, liability of tortfeasors.

  • Elder Abuse

    Financial elder abuse usually occurs with the breach of duty owed by a trustee, executor or heir but can be a serious matter of inquiry in other situations as well.  Contact us to discuss. 

  • Shareholder/Partnership

    We have extensive experience in handling a wide array of contract disagreements.  We carefully assess the contractual terms, including the contractual obligation to provide financing. 

  • Property Disputes

    Representing clients in real estate litigation matters, commercial developments, landlord-tenant, easements, boundary lines and adjoining landowners, failures to disclose, 1031 exchanges and money disputes.

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Why Choose Our Firm

  • Agressive Representation

    We are strong litigation lawyers, practicing high quality legal representation.  If the opposing party refuses to provide a fair offer to our client, we have the experience and zeal to effectively litigate your case in court.

  • Excellent Track Record.

    Mr. Canton, our founding attorney, has earned recognition among legal peers, judges and satisfied clients.

  • Litigation Results

    The priority is to resolve your matter effectively, efficiently and ethically.  Throughout the entire case, we will always provide an honest opinion and will work as a team towards a resolution.

The most successful trial lawyers are often master storytellers, making their cases come to life for their jurors. The reason is that stories matter... stories are the deepest and most obvious way that humans organize, communicate, receive, and digest facts. - G. Christopher Ritter

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We agressively protect and defend your rights.

Our Client's Reviews

"It was a great experience having Christopher Canton as my attorney. He understands his clients and he provides very insightful information. Truly a professional and smart individual."

  • testimonial-3

    Heather Michele

    United States

Over the years Mr. Canton has provided me with sound, clear, and practical legal advice on various issues.

  • testimonial-1

    Martin Retan

    United States

I had a legal issue, and Chris was my litigation lawyer. He handled the case with a keen eye, let me know what was going on at all critical times, and explained the legal procedure from A to Z.  He served me well, with exceptional briefs and procedural finesse.

  • testimonial-2

    William Richard

    United States

We’ve used Canton Law for many matters, both business and personal, and have found them to be very effective, friendly and professional. We certainly do recommend them to everyone!”

  • testimonial-4

    Jenifer Rosemary

    United States

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